Terms and conditions

for clients accomodated in the property Petanque,
Mlynská 949/13, 925 21 Sládkovičovo

Article I.
Conditions of accommodation and other general provisions

  1. Property manager {later PM} of Apartment Petanque is Ing.Ľubomír Franta, Devátová 921/86, 925 21 Sládkovičovo ID: 44369468 Tax ID: SK1026961408
  2. Client is required upon arrival to the property to provide proof of identity to the PM or representative of PM. The client will receive a room key and accommodation card.
  3. Client in the property may not move interior equipment., make adjustments, and any interference with electrical or other installations without consent of the operator.
  4. In the rooms of Apartment Petanque it is forbidden to use the client's own electrical appliances, except the electrical appliances used for personal purposes eg. hairdryer, shaver etc.
  5. For security reasons, it is inappropriate for children under 10 years to stay in alone, or to leave the rooms or other social environment in the Apartment Petanque without adult supervision.
  6. It is not allowed to move sports equipments around the other rooms except the room that it is reserved for.
  7. Dogs and other animals can be accommodated in the Apartment Petanque only after spoken agreement with PM of Apartment Petanque. It is not allowed to leave pets unattended.
  8. It is forbidden to smoke in rooms and common areas of Apartment Petanque. Violation of this regulation will lead to immediate cancellation of accommodation and a fine of € 100.
  9. Client must present accommodation card to PM of Petanque at any times PM requires.
  10. Client uses the room at the time agreed with the PM of Apartment Petanque. On their arrival day the client is entitled to use the accommodation from 14.00 and at the leaving day check out by 12.00 am. In time between 22.00 pm. to 06.00 am. be aware of the silent hours.
  11. For illness or injury of client Apartment Petanque ensures the provision of emergency medical assistance, or transport to hospital.
  12. Before departure, the client is obliged to check the room and leave it in the condition in which it was taken.
  13. Book of wishes and complaints is available for client provided by PM of Apartment Petanque.
  14. Before leaving accommodation of Apartment Petanque, client is required to encode security equipment of Apartment Petanque.

Article II.
Apartment Petanque and client responsibility

  1. Responsibility for valuables corresponds to the Apartment Petanque only when the valuables were taken into safekeeping upon confirmation.
  2. Damage to property caused by the client will be assessed via applicable regulations. If client loses the room key, the client is obliged to pay € 150 damage fine. The client is also responsible for any kind of damages caused by children accompanied by client or clients guests.

Article III.
Final conclusions

  1. Client and Apartment Petanque are required to comply with these House Rules.
  2. When the client violates the provisions of House Rules, the PM of Apartment Petanque has the right to withdraw from the contract of accommodation services between client and Apartment Petanque even before expiry of the agreed time of accomodation.

In Sládkovičovo 01/02/2013

Property manager of Apartment Petanque