Complaint procedures

Accomodation Apartment Petanque,
Mlynská 949/13, 925 21 Sládkovičovo

Article I.

To ensure the proper procedure of making a complaint claims about Apartment Petanque deficiences and services we provide these Complaint procedures under the Act n. 250/2007 Coll. Consumer Protection, as amended, and Act no. 40/1964 Coll. Civil Code, as amended.

Article II.
Right and place of warranty claim

  1. In case of deficiences in quality of provided services noticed by client, client has right to claim a complain.
  2. Client should claim complaints immediately after his findings without any hesitations.
  3. Client can claim his complaints within area of Apartment Petanque.
  4. To claim a complaint, evidence of purchase of Apartment Petanque service must be presented by client, also photocopy of invoice {or contract photocopy} or other valid documentation is required.

Article III.
Procedure for dealing with complaints

  1. In the case that client can not claim complaints immediately, PM of Apartment Petanque or representative of PM must register complaint in writen notice signed by both, client and PM of Apartment Petanque or representative of PM.
  2. During complaint procedures client must provide truthful informations at all times and also be personally present and active.
  3. Merits of the complaints will be resolved and decided by PM of Apartment Petanque or other responsible staff member immediately, complicated cases will be resolved within 3 days.
  4. Apartment Petanque must provide for the client written notice about the state of complaint within 30 days since claim - the moment Apartment Petanque obtains relevant complaint documents from client. Content of these documents will influence PM’s final decision about complaint.
  5. Written complaint notice is a valid document used for complaint claim procedures. It must be issued in two copies, one obtians client and the other one PM of Apartment Petanque or representative of PM. This document also serves as proof of complete complaint claim.
  6. If the complaint is not issued in writen notice, complaint will not be verified additionaly.

Article IV.
Final conclusions

Complaint procedures come into force on 1.2.2013.

Property Manager of Apartment Petanque.